Group Training Opportunities 

The ACV 401 Bike Challenge team has put together two different group training opportunities. New this year for Montreal-based riders is a series of indoor cycle training sessions at Montreal’s elite training centre, Premiere Performance/P2. Then, when the warmth of summer arrives we will go outdoors for three group training rides in both Montreal and Toronto. These will be terrific opportunities for new and veteran riders to meet, share training tips and experiences, and start building the bonds that are such a special part of the 401 Bike Challenge experience.

Indoor training sessions at Montreal’s Premiere Performance 

Air Canada Vacations 401 Bike Challenge is pleased to have Montreal’s elite training centre, Premiere Performance/P2, as its official training partner for this year’s edition of the 401. P2 will be hosting registered 401 riders once a month, starting February 24th, for exclusive training sessions in their Powerwatts Studio. P2’s founder, Paulo Saldanha, developed the Powerwatts system. It is possibly the most sophisticated indoor cycle training system available anywhere. 

This is a terrific opportunity to experience P2/Powerwatts for free, in this elite training facility, and in the company of your fellow 401 riders. Sessions will be one hour, on the last Sunday of the month at noon, running from February to June. The last couple of sessions may be longer if participants are interested. Your coach will be James Jacek-Côté, P2/Powerwatts manager and cycling coach. 

Dates are February 24, March 24, April 28, our “May” date is June 2, and our final session is June 30. All sessions are at noon, with the exception of the June 30 session which will be at 10 am, followed by an outdoor ride and lunch at the Terrasse St. Ambroise for those interested.

The P2/Powerwatts Studio has ten bikes, so space is limited. Advance registration is required. Contact Peter Côté at to reserve your spot for each individual session. Each session will be booked separately, not the series as a whole. If you are a registered 401 rider, and are recruiting a friend or colleague to ride the 401 with you, you may invite that individual as well (space permitting). 

IMPORTANT: Peter will need the following information for each rider: name, email, Bdate, height and weight (feet, inches and pounds please), shoe/pedal choice (see below), and FTP* if you know it. 

ALSO IMPORTANT: the P2 bikes are fitted with Speedplay X pedals. If these are the pedals you use then just bring your own shoes, otherwise bring your pedals and shoes and we will install your pedals on your bike for the session – it just takes a few seconds! P2 has a small supply of loaner shoes with Speedplay cleats, so that also is an option. Participants should also bring a water bottle, towels are provided, as are changing rooms and showers. And please arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you are ready. 

* FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power, which is commonly defined as the highest average power you can sustain for an hour, measured in watts. If you had to ask, you don't have one. 

Premiere Performance is located at 4710 St. Ambroise (corner Courcelle), in Montreal’s St. Henri district.